Protect What You Love

By this point, almost 2.5 months in, we are seeing the effects of cutting taxes, as promised in the Trump campaign. Trump's tax and spending cuts are a regressive redistribution of money and services. Hurting us all. Is it worth the tax break he promised us? It's not for me.

While many of us believe healthcare is a right, other tax plans and spending increases have shown a progressive redistribution of money. Certain plans would make huge investments in subsidizing public college tuition, upgrading America's infrastructure, expanding Social Security, offering Single Payer Health Insurance, and more. The increase of tax on billionaires can help us achieve these goals.

Republicans tell me they vote republican because they support businesses. I have to ask, does your small business stash money away, in an off shore island account, to dodge paying taxes? I'm willing to bet that here in the state of South Carolina, there are only a handful that potentially do this. For the rest of us hardworking adults and small business owners, we pay our fair share of taxes and deserve a government that takes care of its people.