Protect What You Love

As a nation we stand on the shoulders of those who migrated to this land. America is known across the world as the land of opportunity and immigrants today still seek more fulfilled lives, freedom, and refuge in our great nation.

The decision to close our borders to people from specific countries (many of which are off-limits for unwarranted reasons) or to spend 21 billion dollars building a wall to separate us from one of our closest allies is unacceptable. I believe Trump's travel ban is unconstitutional and will do everything I can to fight it. I will do all in my power to fight Trumps fiscally irresponsible and totally unnecessary "wall".

Refugees go through a rigorous two year vetting process with thorough background checks that reach into the lives of every family member and acquaintance. We cannot turn away heavily vetted, innocent families from war torn nations because of unfounded fears and prejudice.

In addition, I will continue to fight for those protected by DACA, as well as their parents and loved ones. I will also seek a path to citizenship for those protected under DACA so they can one day rest easy knowing that they will be allowed to stay in the only country they have ever really known.