Protect What You Love

A healthy, happy society looks after the needs of all its people, not just the wealthiest.

We need a healthcare plan that will help to support all ordinary people, their children and the elderly at the time when they are most vulnerable. Obamacare was not perfect but the non partisan Congressional Budget Office has said that the Republican plan to replace the affordable Care Act could mean that as many as 24 million Americans risk losing health coverage over the next decade.

This is totally unacceptable.

If I am elected to Congress I will do everything I can to fight for ordinary Americans to have access to the healthcare they need and deserve. I will support all bills put forward for a Universal Healthcare Plan. Until we educate our Country enough to realize that everyone can benefit from Universal Healthcare, I will continue to fight for the ACA. Prescription drugs should not cost more for American citizens than they do for our neighbors in Canada. And I believe marijuana should be legal, for medicinal purposes. I've seen first hand the positive impacts it's had on those suffering from PTSD, Autism and those addicted to Opioids.

This is particularly relevant to those of us in rural regions in District 5, where hospitals provide most of the jobs. With medicaid not as widely available, jobs in those hospitals will also suffer.

Areas of the AHCA that I will fight against:

  • The defunding of Planned Parenthood.
  • The 30 percent surcharge to a patient's premium when they return to the healthcare market.
  • The ability for insurance companies to charge the elderly 5 times more than younger policy holders.
  • The recent change to limit a child's right to stay on their parent's insurance until the age of 23. This needs to remain at 26.
  • Cuts to the Medicaid expansion.
  • Price cuts to upper income earners, insurance providers, and medical device manufacturers.