Protect What You Love

Here in District 5, we love to swim, fish and kayak and take it for granted that the water is clean and the fish are safe to feed to our families when we take them home to fry. The current administration is slashing protections for the water and the fish that swim in it. Our Catawba River and Lake Wylie are under threat.

In South Carolina, we already have 24 locations that are dangerously contaminated by hazardous material. We rely on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor these and make sure they get cleaned up. The current administration is trying to abolish the EPA and has already cut its funding by 30%.

There’s no question that we are living in a time of human-induced global warming.  US scientists, who are some of the smartest and most educated people we have, say that global warming threatens our ability to live and thrive on this planet.  Here in SC, we can expect to see more severe weather, bigger storms and periods of drought becoming longer and more severe.

We are already seeing a reduced water availability trend here in District 5 and can expect higher temperatures to have a serious impact on water availability for us all. This will have the greatest impact on farmers here.

Nearby in Charleston, the coastline has been deemed at very high vulnerability to the sea level rise because of global warming which means that we can expect record highs for storm surge from hurricanes and record damage as people lose their homes and coastal infrastructure.

On a bigger scale, the American Lung Association has said that 166 million Americans live with unhealthful levels of air pollution, putting them at risk for premature death and other serious health effects like lung cancer, asthma attacks, cardiovascular damage, and developmental and reproductive harm.

The current administration is slashing all our climate research and environmental protections in order to pander to the big money in energy production that cares about profits over ordinary people’s lives.

I will do everything I can to stand up for your environmental protections and your children's rights to clean air and clean water.